Jan. 19th, 2011

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When it comes to the JLA's 'Big 7'(Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter), being the heavy hitters of the DCU most readers will at least have have a general idea of their origins. All except J'onn. It doesn't help that he has no iconic origin tale like Batman's Year One, Superman's Man of Steel, Flash's Born to Run , Green Lantern's Emerald Dawn and so on.

So I go to Martian Manhunter v2 #0, which recaps his old Silver Age origin with a few modifications. We start with a typical day at the JLA Watchtower )
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Okay, so I did say I was going to do an honourable mentions post for this list, so here it is. This contains my own choices for runners-up to the list of oddball geniues, as well as some suggestions put forward by people who commented

Since it looks like I've run out of Photobucket bandwidth for this month, most of the previous entries will only be accessible in a few days. Here's the last post in the list, however, since that's up on Imageshack :-).

Anyway, don't you hate it when you finish something and then realise you missed something out? This is kind of what I feel about in relation to the first character in this post. He's not really an honourable mention at all; I would totally have put him on the list if I'd remembered him. In fact he probably would have displaced either the Revenant or Batman, meaning no offence to those excellent characters.

He is, however at least 20 times smarter than either of them, and he's certainly an oddball. He possibly skates close to the whole 'evil' line at times but when it comes down to it he can't bring himself to step over, however annoying all the stupid people out there are. He does, however have a potty mouth that would make non-sentient objects blush.

Yes, that is a language warning for the next few images.

I speak of course of... )

And that's finally it for this list! Now I have to think of another idea! I'll leave the evil science one until later I think, I need to try something a little different :-).
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Hey guys, one day I'll post about something that isn't donna lolol

Anyway, two pages from DC's The Source give us JLA 53, in which Robinson, following certain spoilers from Starman/Congorilla #1, tries to cover his booty a bit more in writing mistakes he feels he's made/placating certain fans.

It also begs the question: Should more superheroes be in therapy? I TYPE A LOT.

JLA 53 )
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Hello, S_D. It's been a while. Sorry about that.

Recently, I picked up a TPB entitled "Batgirl: The Greatest Stories Ever Told." It's entirely devoted to Barbara Gordon's time as Batgirl. It contains a mix of stories from 1967-1977 as well as a couple from '97 and '98. (The latter being flashbacks to her post-Crisis early career.) I'd be happy to share any other stories from the book if people are interested, but for now I'll just cover the first one, "The Million Dollar Debut of Batgirl".

I've uploaded high-res scans to flickr. Here's the full batch. For those not familiar with the exact workings of flickr, you can click any thumbnail to see a larger version (duh), but once you've done that, you can right-click that image and choose "original" to see the full-size scan.

Actually, before I get to the story, I wanted to talk about the cover:

Something about that face... )

With that out of the way, let's get to the story! Starting with a coincidence that left my jaw on the floor.

About 5 pages out of 16 )

Thoughts? Reactions? And any requests for more stories from the book?
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AintItCool has the scoop. And I am surprised how many characters may be involved in this thing.

At this point I don't know WHO to believe is in this movie until it is released.
(Mind you, I do understand that the possibly misleading last post about this film came from me.).

Fury unleashed. )
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I recently read an old interview with Paul Cornell where he said Mark Millar is responsible for his current comic book career. Millar called him up after watching an episode of DOCTOR WHO he wrote, "Human Nature," offering to connect him with Marvel editors. Before that, he'd been trying to get into the industry but not really getting anywhere.

So if Millar weren't a big name, none of Cornell's work for Marvel and DC would exist. That's funny.

Read more... )
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Me again ;) So by turtlefu's suggestion, I'm presenting a short list of Filipino artists in the American comics scene. Some you might know, some you might not, but the point I'm trying to make today is how big a part these guys play in the Comics scene.

KOMIKS talent to COMICS )

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A little over 3.5 pages from this week's Superman/Batman 80, in which Epoch, the Lord of Time, fights Batmen and Supermen of multiple eras...

Read more... )
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While many have written the DC characters of Steve Ditko, few have actually played with the kind of themes that Ditko enjoyed exploring. Not exactly hard to figure out why.

Among the few to try was Alan Brennert, a TV author and novelist whose career at DC Comics rivals Alan Moore's in the "brief but brilliant" department. Brennert opens the story with the line, "Respectfully dedicated to the talents of Steve Ditko," but I'm not sure if it's faithful to the spirit of Ditko's philosophy, or a subversion of Objectivist thought. Maybe those of you more well-versed in Ditko can help me out here.

In "Paperchase"--from 1981's The Brave and the Bold #178--Brennert uses a Creeper/Batman team-up to explore themes about incendiary psuedo-journalism, and the murky ethics of rabble-rousing TV personalities. Sadly, these themes are still relevant, as we've been reminded lately.

But it's not all serious and ponderous stuff. Especially not when the Creeper's involved:

'Creeper?' 'Yeah?' 'Go back to 'Bats?'' )
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To mark the transition from the Tenth to the Eleventh Doctor, IDW has relaunched their DOCTOR WHO series with a new #1.

Four pages from the issue... )


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