Jan. 29th, 2011

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Roger Stern had a series back in 1998 called MARVEL UNIVERSE that was going to cover the hidden history of the Marvel Universe. It was good, but only lasted 7 issues. Stern found out while he was plotting a story about Dr. Strange's first night back in New York City after he's finished his training with the Ancient One. And now Marvel is printing the story.
Preview from Newsarama.

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Dr. Ray Palmer, the Atom, is one of DC's more well known characters. He has the power to shrink himself. Not very impressive as far as superheroes go, but in the DCU the Atom is known less for typical superheroics and more for his role as a scientist and an explorer of the unknown.

One recurring theme from his stories is how interesting the world can get on a microscopic level. This was explored in a JLA oneshot written by Dan Curtis Johnson, collected in the Tower of Babel trade.
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Feeling in the mood to post more Bloodlines since it's probably one of my favorite things to come out of the 90's.

Last issue we met Layla the space exploring Captain from L.E.G.I.O.N as she teamed up with Lobo.

This story we have the team-up of Steel and a man named Tom soon to be known as Edge, the "blade-hurling community hero".

One thing I loved about Bloodlines was how time specific it was to the DCU. At the time it was published Superman was still "dead" from his battle with Doomsday. Batman had his back broken and was replaced by Jean-Paul. Slade was less of a villain and a anti-hero and so on so it was fun to see a story showing Steel being a hero when he first showed up filling in for Superman alongside the other three Supermen.

18 pages from a 54 page story.

So without further ado Bloodlines hits Earth! )


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