Feb. 27th, 2011

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I found this in a comic shop not long ago, and didn't think it would be quite so apposite, quite so soon.

It was "Milestone Forever", a 2010 series which just preceded the merger of the Milestone and mainstream DCU. This is not meant to be a definitive posting, but as a quick sample of the sheer scale of the characters Milestone introduced.

The temporally sensitive character "Dharma" (Leader of the Shadow Cabinet) is observing the timelines around him, and focusses on one in particular.

The appropriateness of the opening image is really very sad indeed.

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More stuff that I either posted way back then, or dug off my hard drive. Previous post was here.

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Has anybody else been following the Ultimate Enemy trilogy? I picked it up with Ultimate Mystery #1 because it had The return of Dr Phillip Lawson and I've been reading it since.

There's been some decent bits, like that Ultimate Ben Grimm isn't rocklike anymore, but that the rock was just a cocoon and he's now human and chooses to go glowy purple when he want to clobber things, and the revelation that the Ultimate Enemy is Ultimate Reed Richards.

Except we spend bog-all time with the Ultimate Enemy and loads of time with Ultimate Sue Storm, Ultimate Rick Jones and lots of boring things happening.

We've had a bit of background on why Ultimate Reed Richards became the Ultimate Enemy, but not much more. It's quite frustrating, considering how Bendisy and decompressed the book is.

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