Mar. 18th, 2011

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Really? Really.  )

And for legality, three Power Pack scans, of Franklin Richard being adorable, and Leech making me want to cry.

Power Pack 27. )

Hopefully this fixed the cuts.  Sorry about that.

I resized the scans.  Bit of a Goldilocks problem.  They're readable now without being huge.  Sorry for my fail.  *offers up ice cream*

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Let's have the cover and four pages from Xombi #1 (May 2011). Xombi, created by Dwayne McDuffie, was one of the second wave of Milestone Comics titles, opening up the line from the fairly traditional superhero stories it had started with. In specific, it was Milestone's equivalent of a Vertigo title, full of weirdness. David Kim, Korean-American scientist, has a hideous lab accident with nanotechnology that turns him immortal and kills his assistant. It also makes him a magnet for all sorts of supernatural and paranormal phenomena. Honestly, a lot of the menaces Xombi dealt with seem to have been gleaned from conversations with Grant Morrison circa Doom Patrol.

With the recent acquisition of Milestone's characters by DC, this is the concept that managed to get an ongoing first.

Things are slipping from their containers )

Your thoughts and comments?
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I'll be honest. My interest in this title has been waning lately ever since the fallout between Hughie and Butcher. But based on this issue's involvement with Vought American, I think Garth Ennis is about to bring things to a head. Which, if you ask me, has been a long time in coming.

It's like a role-playing game. )
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Doin' my first post here on this forumblogojournaling community of words and pictures for something that - to my ABSOLUTE SHOCK - I... actually mostly don't entirely dislike?!

oh man I hope I am doin' this right )
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Oh dear Goddess my eyes.

The horror, courtesy of ComingSoon and not leaving fast enough. A thousand curses in every language upon the people who green lit this.

(and that says something for this lot)

Worse than a power ranger.  )
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Ah this issue. I knew I'd reach it sooner or later.

While I love Bloodlines and it's characters there's one that I'm not surprised never made a return appearance. The New Blood known simply as Jamm. I can't say I hate his story or powers themselves but how the character handled said powers and acted was certainly groan inducing not to mention his powers were also a bit too much.

17 pages from a 52 page story

Jamm. That is all. )
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Ok, after my last faux pas minutes ago, I need to redeem myself.

Feels like something right out of early Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. ... in terms of the bakground and villains. Bleeding Cool has their camshots of Fear Itself preview books offered for Marvel fans who attended C2E2.

Woe.  )


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