Mar. 30th, 2011

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Some of you might be familiar with the work of Clay, the creator of the incredibly wrong webcomic Sexy Losers (VERY NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!) He's been living in Japan for the past few years, and he just recently got back on Livejournal to let everyone know he's all right. That in itself is good news, but he followed up a few days later saying he's restarting Sexy Losers (back under it's original name, The Thin H Line) over on Tumblr!

And here's one of the new strips under the cut.
Cut for size and the horrible wrongness of it )
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The ComicBookResources has the preview of Wonder woman #24... the penultimate chapter of this alternative/contemporary retconned Diana.

(I know, it's already on the shelves at some stores).

And for bonus points, an action snapshot, too.

I was what?  )
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The entire rosters of the Avengers alpha teams are trying to stop Parker Robbins, the Hood, from reassembling the Infinity Gauntlet.

Their efforts prove amusing.

No glove, no love.  )
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Preview pages up at Newsarama, as a rejoining member reviews team dynamics, and the newest member meets the team

I just love her costume... not sure why, but I don't care )
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2 pages of fun loving rapscallions working their magic behind the cut.

Nothing but love for the First Family and their adopted uncle.

Classic shenanigans. When only the best will do.  )
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Scott Snyder has been on Detective since 871. If you haven't been reading it yet, this is a great issue to start. The writing is superb and the art is fantastic.
He's been delving into a story that he began weaving in 873 about James Gordon Jr., the son of Jim and Barbara Gordon (aka the son she was pregnant with in Batman Year One)

Oh aaaand it looks like one of the pages I've posted has already been posted here . Therefore... it looks like seven pages have been posted in total.
Four incredible & spoilery pages below )
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So they have apparently decided to redo the Wonder Woman costume from the new television show.  I honestly think I liked the shiny better.

Not Shiny )What do you think?


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