Apr. 18th, 2011

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I admit, this might be recycling from Cracked, but this was so...unpredecented...that I thought I had to share.

In plain terms, Superman, or rather Kryptonian tech, had the ability to change people's race. Not just skin color, because Lois didn't just turn black, her hair spontaneously turned into an affro and well...just look...

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I had a pretty interesting couple of weeks. I visited New York City. I met [personal profile] queenanthai in real life. A whole bunch of other, more personal stuff happened. Personal stuff that I would rather not dwell on anymore. So, in the spirit of escaping from problems that defy easy, superhero-style solutions, I decided to post something I have been meaning to post for a while, but real life kept getting in the way.

Captain Aero Comics - Miss Victory - Header

[personal profile] s0mnambulance's post about questionable 80s comics inspired me to look back at Miss Victory's original, Golden Age stories. And I discovered that even back in those early years, Miss Victory stories had some rather questionable subtext.

The following story originally appeared in Captain Aero Comics #9. Art by Charles Quinlan, writer unknown.

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After having it hovering on my wish list, I splashed out on The Apocalypse Suite. The collection includes the FCBD book from Dark Horse, of which two pages are reproduced below as an example of the art, humour and sensibilities of the book.

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This is a reconstruction of an earlier post that was lost with the TOSing.

Maidman is a cross dressing Batman analog that started appearing in volume 4 of Empowered. Unlike Batman he seems to love his job and is quite well adjusted (for a cross dressing vigilante with a spit personality).

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