Apr. 22nd, 2011

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Greetings True Believers!

It's time for another Balder/Karnilla post.

Surtur and his forces are preparing to destroy the Nine Worlds.

Karnilla will assist Odin and Asgard...for a price.

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Robert Kirkman's putting his money where his mouth is. Unlike all those hypocritical creators who decry the lack of comics for younger readers yet don't do anything about it, instead continuing to pedal their trashy trash, Kirkman's decided to actually do something about it. He's said that one of his aims with this book is to remove the stigma against all-ages titles and show that they can be enjoyable to older readers as well.

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The Bloodlines conclude with this annual! We head back to L.E.G.I.O.N (they're the folks who first investigated the Parasite ship in the Lobo Annual via sending Lob and Layla to find out what was up).

So...just where did these Parasites come from anyway?

18 pages of a 55 page story.

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Greetings True Believers!

In two panels Volstagg puts Fear Itself to bed, discovers the way to world peace and puts every villain in the Multiverse on the run.


Fandral: "And his stomach!"


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My favorite Spider-Man writer of all time is J.M. DeMatteis, and not just for the masterful Kraven's Last Hunt (which was posted here, but you really should read it as a whole if you can).

I think that I like him so much because he writes villains like broken people rather than evil monsters, essentially treating them the way Batman: The Animated Series treated its own villains. In fact, I dare say that DeMatteis wrote the definitive stories for not just Kraven, but also Harry Osborn. But between both characters is a lesser-known, little-loved original creation of his named Vermin, which brings us to this story.

1991's The Child Within is the missing link between Kraven's Last Hunt and Harry's death, and yet it's inexplicably never been collected and reprinted! It's a damn shame. Even besides the significance it has to both stories, and lays the foundation for Harry's final bout into Goblinville, it's a surprisingly raw and powerful look at abuse. Hopefully some of that will come across in the scans I've included here from this densely-packed epic.

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The rest Harry's powerful story has thankfully been mostly reprinted in the Son of the Goblin trade paperback, but I urge you to track down DeMatteis' entire run of Spectacular Spider-Man from issues #178-200. It's a run that deserves more love, especially if the two recent posts about DeMatteis' Vulture story--the greatest Vulture story ever written, IMO--have gotten only a handful of comments each.

Eventually, I'm going to take a look at DeMatteis' Batman/Two-Face: Crime and Punishment, which feels to me like a condensed version of The Child Within. With that in mind, I think Vermin and Harry's stories shed new light on the nature of Harvey Dent's madness, especially as told by DeMatteis.
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Hey guys, remember this? Well, Jeff Parker posted the page without word balloons as a reward for getting people to read his new webcomic, Bucko.

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From Archaia Press charming Fraggle Rock series, Volume 2, issue 2..

Talking to the Fraggle Storyteller, Gobo has discovered a new quest, a quest even his Uncle Travelling Matt never managed to achieve, a quest for a map which will lead to.... THE MEANING OF LIFE ITSELF!!

Fascinated at the implications of this, or appalled in Boobers case, the gang decide to accompany him... but this means they need to go through one of the most terrifying, hideous places on the Rock...

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There are certainly worse philosophies of life Wembely... )


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