May. 1st, 2011

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The not-so-recent-actually teaser for Spider-man: Infested, the prologue to Spider-Island followed on the theme of one of Marvel's favourite cover gimmicks - Sleepy Avengers )
I'm sure that there's been one of these for World War Hulk, but I couldn't find it. If you know of any that I missed out, please post them in the comments.
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As promised: gay Zeltrons redesign Leia's dress.

A lot of these are partial pages. It adds up to about five pages out of twenty-two.

Read more... )
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This week, the Age of X ended with the defeat of its motive force.

It also began in AoX: Universe #2, with the end of another legion's story: that of the mean and nasty fucked up Avengers and their run at Fortress X.

It's not hard to figure out if they took it down, or if they even lived, but the story is still a good one as alternate reality hero-to-antagonist recastings go.

It even manages to do a nice job of justifying its Cap's participation. )
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When the U.S. version of Dennis the Menace became popular, many comic companies jumped on the bandwagon. But Toby Press, the publisher that brought you Jon Juan, the Super Lover, decided to take it one step beyond.

Ollie Orwell was a 6-year-old kid from an unnamed Midwestern city. He was a perfectly ordinary kid until he discovered a tattered magical cape in his attic. The cape gave him all of Superman's powers. Now, if he was older and more responsible, Ollie probably would have become a superhero. But Ollie wasn't mature enough to think through on the consequences of his actions, so he became known as the Super-Brat.

That's right - Ollie Orwell was Dennis the Menace - with Superpowers.

He appeared in four issues of Super-Brat comic. Toby Press went under before the 5th issue could be published. Charlton Comics (out of all companies) bought the rights to some of Toby's titles, including Super-Brat. Charlton published the 5th issue as Li'l Genius #1. In the next issue of Li'l Genius, the writers revamped Ollie and took away his magic cape and made him just plain old Dennis the Menace proxy.

But those stories are boring, so I'm going to post scans from the Super-Brat era.

The following story was originally published in Super-Brat #2. Writer unknown, art by Harry Betancourt.
Ollie tries to get a puppy. That... does not go over well (6 pages under the cut) )
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Recently, I've gone back and had a re-read of some of my Minx books. For those of you who don't know, Minx was DC's attempt at a line catering to teenage girls by publishing digest sized complete stories for sale in book shops. The line died because nobody bought them, though this is most likely because retailers didn't know whether they belonged in the young adult section or in the graphic novel section with Watchmen and Judge Dredd (i.e., not where the Twilight set might wander). There's been no talk of bringing Minx back, or even if DC want to have another go with trying a similar publishing experiment. I do half expect that the end of the next DC crossover will reveal that Drama Jane, is being brought into DC continuity so that she can be forgotten about by more readers.

This extract is from Re-Gifters by Mike Carey (now writing Unwritten and assorted X-books) and Sonny Liew (last seen in the blockbusting Sense and Sensibility. The team wrote the excellent My Faith in Frankie, which was a Minx book before there was Minx.

As for Regifters, it's the story of a (South) Korean girl living in LA called Dixie/ Dik Seong Jen/ Jen Dickson. Dixie practices hapkido and has a crush onAdam, a boy in her class. Her mum makes jewellery which she sells to a shop in Koreatown and in the first extract, Dixie is taking the latest batch to the store.  )

Our second part is getting ready for a party )

Coming soon - more Minx


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