May. 15th, 2011

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Hopefully, this post can complement [personal profile] ebailey140's excellent post about Batman's long history of teamwork and decidedly non-loner behavior, which can be viewed as the foundation upon which the current Batman, Inc. concept is built.

These pages are from the final issue of The Return of Bruce Wayne. They show Bruce's own realization of this truth, as he accepts that he not only isn't a loner, he never has been a loner, not really. Looking back, a line can be drawn back from this moment to his decision to form Batman, Inc. shortly afterward.

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Another installment of our silly webcomic. :) This part is the end of this chapter, maybe we'll be able to get on with the story haha :D

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Thanks for looking!
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One scan from Amazing Spider-man #661. All financial troubles could have been solved if he had someone like Striker as a financial consultant.
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This short piece is brought to you at the request of [personal profile] twomasks who asked for "more Judge Dredd." The bad news is that most of the classic Judge Dredd stories are only six pages long, and even this longer piece is only ten pages. So, what can we fit in 3 1/3rds pages? As it happens, everything up to the introduction of the main character of the story. So, from Judge Dredd Megazine #298:

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Your thoughts and comments?
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I once mentioned in the comments about Deadpool having been raped, and I had a couple of puzzled reactions in answer by people who didn't remember it. So I thought I could do a post about it:

(3 pages from Deadpool issue #12, 5 pages from Deadpool issue #13)

That was back in Joe Kelly's glorious run, and Deadpool was going through a rough time with trying to help Typhoid Mary which didn't really turn out how he wanted and then turned out a little bit ugly, fighting T-Ray who had a big grudge against him, and LL&L expecting him to be the heroic Mithra who will protect a prophesied Messiah, which he thought was pretty absurd; so he did something he was prone to do back then: going to Siryn, with whom he had a weird romantic friendship and a very big crush, for comfort. Instead of finding Siryn, he found Warpath, and a fight ensued, with the result that when Siryn actually arrived on the scene she was not really in the mood of hearing Wade talk about his issues and they had a pretty bad argument (including Wade being overbearing and aggressive) and Siryn walked away.

So Deadpool got drunk.

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(also this is my first post, hi *waves*)


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