May. 24th, 2011

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What happens when you get to play with the toys and try to go with EPIC, while still holding true (but not following) continuity. We get to find out.

Aint It Cool News has the interview with Joe Casey and Tom Brennan about their upcoming Marvel project "Vengeance".

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so, I read a lot of webcomics. One that I got hooked on early on was Wayward Sons. The story of a group of alien warriors sending a prison ship through a dimensional rift, and accidentally crashing the prison ship, and their own ship onto ancient earth, gaining super powers and becoming the inspiration for the Greek and Egyptian myths.

This post isn't about that comic.

This post is about one that I saw advertised on Wayward Sons.

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This is a big one. Grab a snack.

I've been putting off reviewing Batman: Face the Face for five years now. Every time I started, my criticisms melted down into curses and incoherent ranting, until my computer screen became obscured by rabid spittle. Okay, it wasn't THAT bad, but still.

In some ways, it's actually an ideal introductory trade paperback to get into Batman. Like Hush, it's a murder mystery that also serves as a tour of Gotham's inhabitants, and it was immediately followed by Grant Morrison and Paul Dini's runs. Unfortunately, it's also deeply frustrating, especially if you're a fan of Harvey Dent.

This was the first story to use the character in the three years since Hush, since Loeb supposedly had plans for Harvey hich kept him in limbo until those plans would reach fruition. They never did, and I think folks at DC wanted their precious status quo back in place. I also understand that Two-Face is Dan DiDio's favorite villain, which may have been a factor. In any case, Face the Face is one of the most significant Two-Face stories in canon, and also one of the most painfully frustrating. After five years, I finally have the words to explain just why.

The lost year of Gotham's Unknown Protector, Harvey Dent )

Batman: Face the Face can be purchased here if you wish to read the story in full, including the Tim Drake subplot, several other Rogues doing their Rogue things, and the entire issue dedicated to Harvey and Two-Face's discussion. As mentioned above, it also serves as a gateway to the comics which are coming out today, leading directly to Dini's Detective Comics and Morrison's Batman.
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Ok, it took me a while to figure out what exactly I was seeing, but now that I do. Wow. has the interview with editor Seve Wacker.

there is more interview content behind the cut but this...

... this needed to be posted to behold poetry in motion.

While the marriage may not be back (yet), I am proud to say the Amazing part has.

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Be warned this post is going to have sixteen scans (of four issues). Oh and this is the infamous story involving Cassandra Cain written by Adam Beechen (Robin #148-149 plus Batgirl #52 & 73). You'll probably find yourself a member of the Red Lantern Corp after reading these scans if you're a fan of Cassandra Cain or Tim Drake. You've been warned.

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Captain America started his career as half living weapon, half propaganda poster boy. Since his return in the "Modern Age," most superheroes and regular Americans followed him almost without question. But Cap, while understanding he's a Living Legend, doesn't like being idolized. As two posters said elsewhere on this board:

[personal profile] stolisomancer: That was right after Heroes Reborn, IIRC, when Cap's return from the dead was verging on making him a pop-culture icon, and it was driving him up the wall.

[personal profile] valtyr: Yeah, it struck me as a bit unfair in Casualties of War when Tony accused him of playing on his image to get support - he's always tried to persuade people not to follow him blindly, and it's one of the reasons I like him. He simultaneously tries to live up to his image while telling everyone not to believe the image unquestioningly.

Of course, *constantly* being questioned is no fun either. Especially by a certain smartmouthed archer...

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A few weeks ago I started the occasional series of Minx posts by looking at Regifters before looking at some of New York Four/New York Five (which I intend to post more of later on because it's really bloody good).

This is a look at Plain Janes, one of only two Minx series to be given a sequel (the other being New York Four). It's by Jim Rugg (art) and Cecil Castellucci (story) and is about not only finding your place in the world, but creating a place for yourself.

The backstory is that Jane lives in Metro City at the beginning of the book. she gets caught up in a bomb explosion in the city centre and the family moves out to the suburbs. Jane vows to keep strong and not let the bomb ruin or change her life, or make her timid and afraid.

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