May. 27th, 2011

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The Evolutionaries story arc begins here. A forgotten threat from the X-men's past returns to see how mutants have fared, and are not happy about the state of things. Especially the threats to said mutants.
No longer the new thing. )
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This week, Iron Man 2.0 took Fear Itself in stride.

It managed pre-empting more of Rhodey's cat-and-mouse game with a demonstrably dead man pretty elegantly, timing his lighter-and-leaner Stark-given upgrade so that Sin's Nazis resurged right on its heels.

With that plot set aside, it goes on to set up another Worthy and introduce unfamiliar readers to the this-and-two-more guest-starring Immortal Weapons and their deal without too much fuss.

Heck, it even spends some time introducing a new character who might just be 'Marvel's newest hero', if I'm interpreting the month-after-next's solicit right.. )
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One of the comments in yesterday's Shanna post mentioned the time she tried hooking up with Spider-man and he turned her down. It turns out I have that issue of Ka-zar the Savage, and the idea of seeing Peter being an emotionally mature adult about his relationships would be a nice change of pace.

One thing that stuck out about the Ka-zar series to me was that every issue featured a wraparound cover, had no ads (except for a few in house ads) and the inside cover pages featured photo comics of the Marvel staff.

two pages from Ka-Zar the Savage #22 )
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SHIELD vol.2 begins next week. It is exciting. The issue opens with the character who was revealed at the end of #6.

I've only looked at this page of the preview and can happily say that it is lovely. It looks different to Vol.1 too.
Don't you have some painting to do )
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CosmicBookNews continues where we last left off. Jubilee was going for it with Laura.

One preview image behind the cut. Really.
the cut.

I'll be in my bunk.

Tender vittles. )
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Comic Book Resources has an advanced preview up of Mark Waid/Paulo Rivera/Marcos Martin's upcoming DAREDEVIL run. Waid's said that while the book's still going to be rooted in noir, it won't be as dark or tragic as recent runs. He wants to bring back some of the swashbuckling Matt Murdock of the old days. As he put it, "With all due respect to the last ten years, it would be nice to finish an issue without feeling like I need a stiff drink."

Is he... smiling on that cover? What-madness-is-this? )
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I don't know if it is Shanna Week or not, here are some pages that show Shanna vs. Nekra. Nekra would later become an Avengers villain. This is the 1970a SHANNA THE SHE-DEVIL #4.

You know Straw Men? Nekra takes that literally.

The angrier Nekra gets.... )


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