Jun. 5th, 2011

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Warning: Some SPOILERS for the latest TV episode have been brought up in the comments section.

A few pages from Doctor Who #4, of the current volume )
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I saw X-MEN FIRST CLASS yesterday. I agree with movie critics about the third act falling a bit flat. But first, here are some pages from X-MEN LEGACY #216, in which Emma Frost torments Professor X with his less-than-moral actions.
Another telepath REALLY has to do the same thing to Emma Frost someday. I mean, she killed Firestar's horse!

Some minor FIRST CLASS spoilers after the cut.

With great power comes doing whatever you want. )


Jun. 5th, 2011 03:19 am
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I'm on my iPod right now so I'll try to be brief. Ive deleted my last shintaro kago post in response to people being offended by it. I intended it to be more "WTF am I reading/can't unsee" akin to the previous supergirl post as opposed to actually upsetting people, and for that I apologize. In the future, I will be more cautious with posting crazy stuff from japan. Again my apologies to those I offended.

EDIT: For those asking, the story was called "Drunkard Condo Syndrome". It's freely available on Google.

For legality some batman crack.

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Remember all those stories where horny boys try to steal girls' panties? Well, it's Payback Time!!!

Time for Retribution )
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I now have a Imageshack account, but that's not important, what is Important is the comic I scan next! Magnus returns this time it's personal! Okay while not as classic as Steel Nation the next arc is just as good. This Arc Introduces another Character who becomes one of what I like to call one of Major connections between the two the Time Zones, RAI! Rai will be introduced into the main post but For now let's GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD!
Read more... )
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Apparently someone at the CBR forums found these on the DCU blog.

and I mean issues )
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Every now and again you find a comic, magazine or book you'd just love to be able to scan the entirety of, because it's just that good/bad/stuffed full of crack.

Such a book is the "Eagle Annual: The Best of the 1950's Comic" I found in a remaindered bookstore. It's magnificent in it's own special way. Like a comic book infused with an episode of Blue Peter...

The masterful artistry of Frank Hampson, the creator of Dan Dare, deserves a number of posts all of it's own, and someday I'd love to do that, but I think we need some lulz at the moment, so I'm unapologetically going for the crack here.

As you read these, bear in mind that these are all from the 1950's; WWII was a VERY recent experience for everyone, a time before sexual equality as anything more than the butt of jokes, racism was perhaps too endemic to actually HAVE a name, and the British class system was in full effect. Every page can be read in the clipped Received Pronunciation you've possibly heard in old radio and TV recordings. That's not to justify or excuse anything contained herein, but just to provide some context.

Much like the BBC, The Eagle aimed to "Entertain, Educate and Inform" it's readers, so whilst you for the likes of Dan Dare, PC 49 and other strips, there were plenty more material intended to keep

So we start with a sample of good clean wholesome fun, featuring Dan Dare and his chums, and perhaps the world's most inappropriately named sidekick

Shower room frolics! )

And never let it be said that the Eagle's Special Investigators weren't prepared to go that extra mile for their magazine!

I become a Knife-throwers Assistant )

Colditz and... camels? )

Christmas message and Career choices! )

Mechanics is FUN! )

Short, to the point and practically incomprehensible )

Forget Hostess Cupcakes )

More career options! )

Seld Defence )

Cowboys and Curious Creatures )


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