Jun. 14th, 2011

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The covers and some details of the plot have been discussed, but here are some of the official solicits for DC's September line up.

Let's have a looksee!
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Greetings True Believers!

I saw this cool old-style Captain America poster and I thought it was the bee's knees.


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All right, let's get straight to it! Vampire!Talia and aliens seemed to be the most popular, and I'm also including Zombie Nazis, because well, they're Zombie Nazis. Can't go too wrong with that.

Intro can be found here or four posts down.

There used to be a grey tower alone on the sea...  )

The Martians are coming! )

They're not just Zombie Nazis, they're Zombie *voodoo* Nazis! )

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And that's that for "DUEL". Thoughts? Comments?
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Some pages from RUSE 3 and a little from issue 2, as well...

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Hey Guys!

okay soo I decided to start a tumbler, and my fist topic of discussion are thoughts on the DCU ReBoot/Launch, let me know what you think. Im open to opinions and questions. Even on structure and content (though i ask that structure and content be sent to me as a message and not a post :D


Tell your friends! i will try to post Bi weekly!

NOTE: JUST enabled Comments (didn't know you had to do that) now people can leave comments... im still new :D

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Flashpoint Grodd of War is here:

And Wonder Woman and the Furies is here:
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CosmicBookNews has the solicits of the September titles, and practically all of them are going full throttle.

(Did they know about DC's re-NU-ing itself? Because it looks like they are working HARD to make sure they can compete).

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