Jun. 16th, 2011

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Greetings True Believers!

Here is a scene from Avengers Academy #15. It's a good addition to the off and on "Should heroes kill?" debate.

The Avengers kids 'port into Washington and enter the fray.


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Admittedly I was already most of the way through this when I found out that the Killing Joke is still in continuity, but that's a subject for the next strip.
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You can always count on one guy to deliver.
Not really NSFW, but if you count lying in bed as not safe, then don't say I didn't warn you.
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And more importantly, someone apparently has a stalker in the CIA. Who's been tracking him since way back.
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So far in this series, we've only Cinderella and Dorothy Gale confront one another in flashback sequences. This issue (#5), at last, they meet up in the present day.

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I confess profoundly that when I heard Dick and Damien would be the new dynamic duo, I hoped and prayed and sacrificed to pagan beings that this concept would crash and burn. Instead, it exceeded my expectations of many levels and cemented this time and these people as a milestone in the Batman (and sons) lore. And now this time is at an end, just when I now wished for it to continue. Especially Grayson Batman.

Many at CBR feel the same way about the pairing, and are sharing their fond memories with panels that stand out over the last few years.

One piece of fan-art made me laugh, and it's attached behind the cut.

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Newsarama has the wordless preview as the machinations lilLoki has set in motion begin to be put into play.

And someone is reminded of certain.... protocols.

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Among the many characters that were part of the TV show that I miss so terribly, none still pull on my heart like a certain lady of grace and power.

Boom-Studios has released their solicits for August 2011, and this one just gives me goose pimples at the possibilities (though it dares cross that fine line which can lead to retcon hell).

I just mention one name and most of the faithful will have their heart skip a beat and have a rush of goosepimples.

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She's back! And apparently not getting paid.

I'm posting this because of my renewed love of old storylines directly resulting from my roommate getting a full guide and history of Ironman.

And as an excuse to show that hooray, the team's still gonna be around for Fear Itself!
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