Jun. 20th, 2011

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You have to feel sorry for Xiahou Dun. On the one hand, he was an incredible guy by all accounts. As a teenager, he killed a man who insulted his teacher, living as an outlaw after that for several years. As the Han Dynasty dissolved, Xiahou joined the coalition against Dong Zhuo under Cao Cao's command. He served loyally and well for years, his major accomplishment being an agricultural project that would involve damming a river and transforming a large swathe into land suitable for growing rice. And he was famous for being on the scene at all times, working alongside the people under his command, giving generously to his subordinates at the same time. He was also Cao Cao's favourite, being the only person allowed to accompany Cao in his personal chariot.

For all that, however, Xiahou is one of the Three Kingdom's prime whipping boys. Gao Shun runs circles around him. He's captured and held for ransom by rebels under Chen Gong and Zhang Miao. Guan Yu doesn't beat him in single combat, but that might only be because it was ended early, and besides he gets away with killing one of Xiahou's subordinates. Zhuge Liang massacres his troops, to the extent that Xiahou delivers himself in bonds before Cao Cao after the defeat. Think about it: a defeat so awful that you know you deserve to be thrown in jail at best and executed at worst. Xiahou seemed to serve as a high bar for other main characters: if you couldn't beat Xiahou, you should best go home. You aren't one of the big boys. Xiahou was a great personal warrior, and yet not so good that he could coast by on that like Lu Bu or (early) Zhang Fei.

And yet, he's usually ranked with the truly great generals of the Three Kingdoms. The Koei Romance Of The Three Kingdoms strategy games give him high marks militarily. The other Koei RoTK series, Dynasty Warriors, usually has him playable from the beginning on Cao Cao's side, and he's usually a solid choice. What did Xiahou Dun do that managed to make him so popular despite all his major failings?

What Xiahou Dun did, as retold by 'The Ravages Of Time'. One scan from Chapter 222, five from Chapter 223, and five from Chapter 224.  )
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This has been out for a few days. Since Aaron Diaz is taking a month or two per page now, I think a new page is worth a new post.

Dresden Codak: Dark Science #10 - Melchior )

And yes, the "weather balloon" mentioned in panel 2 is what they call our heroine. Apparently Nephilopolis hasn't heard of "black swans."
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 I'm just feeling all wistful. Must be the weather. 

At one point, people believed him dead, and two people in particular cared enough to mourn him. Mystique, and surprise, Johnny Storm. 

The only ones who ever cared for him other than Logan, and they seem to be dead. Probably why he kept so distant.

Is there a word for the fear of caring for someone? )

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Mark Evanier has reported the passing of one of THE Golden Age Batman artists, Mr Lew Sayre Schwartz, at the age of 85.

Chances are you might not even have heard of Mr Schwartz, but if you have any love for stories with titles like "The Gorilla Boss of Gotham City", "The Parasols of Plunder", "The Man Behind the Red Hood" (The first ever attempt at an origin for the Joker), then you knew he work whether you realised it or not.

The man behind The Man Behind the Red Hood )


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