Jun. 26th, 2011

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Sigil is a four-issue limited series, the second of two CrossGen titles - the other being Ruse - to be recently revitalized by Marvel. Since the fourth issue just came out last week, I figured this was as good a time as any to do a post about it. The trade - called Out of Time - comes out in September.

I think there's a fair amount about it that would make it of relevance to [community profile] scans_daily, including the facts that the protagonist is an interesting teenage girl, that it passes the Bechdel test at some points, and that there are pirates (including an awesome lady captain) involved.

What brought it to my attention, however, were two of the names on the cover (by Jelena Djurdjevic) of the first issue - Mike Carey and Leonard Kirk. As a fan of both Carey's work on The Unwritten and Kirk's work on the first Agents of Atlas miniseries, the idea of a collaboration between the two had instant appeal for me. As I found out later, the storyline and art (including some really nice colouring by Guru eFX) would justify my interest.

13 scans from two issues - 7 from #1 (22 pages) and 6 from #2 (20 pages). The images are different sizes because some are taken from previews and some are my own scans.

Note: There are scenes of grieving (a funeral; in the second set of scans) and scenes of bullying (in both sets of scans).

Sigil #1: In which we meet our heroine )

Sigil #2: In which Captain Sin is awesome )

Part two coming soon!
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So far, the threats of Fear Itself've either come from the Serpent's ranks or from those who haven't saved against his effects.

T'Challa's own, from the preview of July's Man Without Fear, certainly doesn't look like he's a forgotten god's envoy or Nazi servant.

And if he was scared, would he run around calling himself the American Panther? )
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I've been thinking about Ex Machina recently. Part of it is because I'm mainlining my girlfriend's trades of Y The Last Man (I'm only just finished Girl on Girl, so please no spoilers) and finding that it's jolly excellent. It's very BKV, which is... well, duh, but he does have a distinct voice for his own characters. A number of the women in Y could show up in Ex Machina and not be out of place.

The other reason is that, like all good science fiction writers, BKV predicted the future with New York state's gay marriage laws.

I'm not sure that there's a writer on the go just now who could write about social and moral issues in the same way that BKV does. It's never preachy, it's never the case of "This character says it, so their viewpoint is the right one", it's just a discussion of lots of different ideas and values. His books feel like the smartest books I've read. His characters seem real, like actual people (And I'm impressed at the range of characters to come into play in Y) with their own fears and hopes. And the dialogue is real too. I don't meant to say that it's, like, Bendis real, you know. I do mean to say that it sounds a lot more like things that could conceivably come out of people's mouths than most every other book.

Here's a clip from The First Hundred Days, where text )

Later, Hundred takes Suzanne out for dinner )
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A comic book related glass making company called "Toon Tumblers" released on their Facebook page what appears to be Jim Lee's promotional spread for the new Justice League, part of which will be used on drinking glasses given out at this years San Diego Comic Con. As a result, we now have the complete line-up of the Justice League in the wake of the relaunch:

Read more... )

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The New Mutants summarise their new mission statement of "We clear up the shit other writers left behind/which the X-Men messed up" "Unfinished Business" as they search for Nate "X-Man" Grey... and Doug makes a discovery...

That's one BIG clue, that's for sure! )


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