Jul. 9th, 2011

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Of all the Worthy, the indwelt Juggernaut's probably been the most active, inexorably charging towards San Fran.

Before throwing over Speedball in Missouri and Nevada's Initiative team in Las Vegas, he faced the Thunderbolts outside Chicago.

To be more precise, they intercepted him.. )
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I would like to inform the fine folks here of a new comic called Exposure. I think it examines post-cultural zeitgeist post-feminist issues in an interesting and unusual perspective.

join us, won't you? (potential triggers) )

Disclaimer: Everything preceding this post is intended in a sardonic, satirical, and insincere manner. MCity does not, in any way, endorse the webcomic "Exposure". Quite the opposite.

Creator: Al Rio, Medium: Webcomic, whatever tag if any denotes snarky commentary

EDIT: Images fixed, and according to the guys who made this (NSFW), the T&A was the publishers' idea.
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 So I've been reading a big, hardback TPB of Daredevil lately, and it's introduced me to a character I absolutely fell in love with. 
F*ck you, Marvel, again.  )

Damn it. 
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I got into comics in the 90s largely because of The Death of Superman. As the decade ended, my interest in comics waned and I left for a while. Before I gave up the hobby, though, I picked up a few sporadic books and one of them was Action Comics #756. I recently came across the book again and thought I'd share some of it with you guys, as it's really pretty fun.

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