Jul. 13th, 2011

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Today the War of the Green Lanterns ends.

I have a cousin on the east coast who already picked up his copy during lunch and has been rubbing it in. Fall out and twists so dastardly.

And while I can't wait to drop my last $$ on this title before DCnU (as I will give up on DC then),
Newsarama has one of the MAJOR SPOILERS of this event.

No, seriously, do NOT click behind the cut until you have read Green Lantern #67.



In brightest day, in darkest night. )
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Looks like we get spoiled with a (shaky) first look at Dark Knight Rises courtesy of a person's camera. Mostly old footage, but with a particular scene involving Commissioner Gordon.

Turn up the volume...it's Gary Oldman time! )
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Hey guys, okay so they have released the cover to New Guardians #2 over at the Source.

here it is.

posted a short comentary about it over at my tumblr...


so discuss here, like, comment or reblog there :D

I will say this... it is a VAST improvement

Interesting )

also if you didn't see it comment or reblog yesterday, take a read at my commentary on Starfire's.... "costume"
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I've posted this already on Noscans_Daily I'm looking at going for digital comics properly. Buy subscriptions, get a tablet (either a Samsung Galaxy or an HTC Flyer), and so on.

Now, it looks like it's been over 2 years since we've had a talk about going digital.

Here are four questions that I have about digital comics )

Having played around with Comixology, I read some of their free stuff. And here's what I said DC could never do. Except they did it. 5 years ago. )
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I've been re-reading No Man's Land as of late, and I actually liked the idea of Huntress running around as Batgirl despite having all odds against her.

Incidentally, this was also one of the story arcs where Bruce's usual superdickery really rubbed me the wrong way. I can't decide if it was because he didn't really give Helena the chance to prove her worth on her own terms, or the fact he gave her so much shit for not following his orders despite the fact that she helped maintain *some* order in a devastated Gotham during his absence. The fact that she took three bullets to protect the same idiots who were recklessly getting themselves killed in an ill-fated encounter with the Joker before Batman would approve of her didn't help either.

For now though, I'll start with her humble beginnings in the cape and cowl. For her very first outing as Batgirl, refer to here.

Test 1: Is Helena Capable of Making the 'Right' Decision? )
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Greetings True Believers!

In these scans Loki makes a power move, tells what he thinks of prophecies and is off to his next adventure!


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So as some might know their was some big news concerning Sinestro so I thought this'd be an interesting time to post an origin story of his written in 1999 (funnily enough at a time he was dead) in Secret Origins of the Supervillains.

Oddly enough I only really got it for the Encantadora tale but eh.

3 and 1/3 pages of a 10 page story.

Who was Sinestro? )


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