Jul. 16th, 2011

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To start the weekend, it's commission time again!

You know what's more fun than having a favourite character?

Having two favourite characters!

And what's better than that?

Having them interact when there's no mainstream way they could, would or should...

And what's EVEN BETTER than that?

Having an artist who "get's" your requests... and improves on them!

My newest Mitch Ballard commission )
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In my dismay with the current state of superhero comics from the big two I've started exploring other outlets for my passion for the genre. Among those outlets was Tokasatsu, a form of live action superhero television from Japan. The best known of these in the west would likely be Super Sentai which has for the last nineteen years been adapted into Power Rangers for western audiences. That is not what I'm here to talk about today though. I'm here to talk about it's sister franchise that has had less success with adaptations outside of Asia, Kamen Rider.

Warning for some mild gore. )

19 pages from a 58 page chapter

Tune in next week when Taki goes to Africa to fight Warlord that happen to be Cyborg Spider monsters with Rider 2. I couldn't make that up if I tried.
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From No Man's Land Vol. 1 TPB: 14 pages out of 198.

After weeks of running around as Batgirl II, Batman decides to confront Helena about her parade, and gives her the chance to sort of "audition" for the part.

(Continued from Part I, all book titles and issue numbers will be specified beneath the cut).

To approve or disapprove. As someone else would say: 'THAT is The Question.' )
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This is important. Watch the video (starting around the 34 minute mark), or read the synopsis.

No directly insulting any members of the DC staff either, I want this thread to stay put and not get locked and stuff.

In short, Dylan Horrocks is awesome, and Steph being Robin was just DC messing with us, apparently )
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More art from Jonathan Hickman as he writes and draws his own stuff for Image for the first time since Pax Romana.

He's releasing a set of graphic novellas called the Plus project, starting with Feel Better Now )
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One page from The Last Phantom #7. I hope it continues. 

I've been wondering since the third issue.... where is she? 

I am too tired to show how happy I am to have finally gotten my hands on this issue.  )


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