SERIOUSLY! Contains Trigger Words Behind the cut

Okay so I was thinking about reading some more of the Ultimate Universe comics despite my aversion to them, mainly due to how excellent Ultimate Spider-man has been... Now I had some issues with the Avengers/Ultimate Avengers/Ultimate Ultimates Ulitmization...

Part of those issues were that I though they were too... how do i put this... Perpetually stuck in the EXTREAM! 90's! if you get what i mean... exsesively violent, some what sexist (im Looking at you Ultimatum!), and just not too many likeable characters, admitedly Cap had his moments, some very good moments, but some how those moments were always counter acted by some thing else. But I have hear on here some good things about the Ultimate comics and have decided to maybe give them a try... so i did some research.... and I found this out....

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For Legality The Red Wasp/Wasp2
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if this was an innappropriate post, Or i posted the Trigger warning Wrong, please let me know....

She appears to have the same powers as her predecessor.
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The Gutters, Issue #164

I know that generally speaking, 9 out of 10 of us are NOT fans of Ryan Sohmer, the Gutters, or anything that is really done there.  However, today's strip is about the Transformers, and had a nice little moment of "Aw, crap, I never thought of that when I was little.  

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Power Girl Annual - Convention preview

Yes, I posted this before. But that was just the cover. This is an actual preview of the comic, and thanks to ComicBookResources , we can get to see the fan-girl fun.

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Interview with Jim Lee and Dan Didio about changes to Superman

Newsarama has the interview, I have the rage.

Make Superman accessible, indeed.

Some excerpts behind the cut, and my counter argument after.

Fair warning: Yes, I am ranting.

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The Serpent has many hammers, but only one anvil.

So when first the American Panther was revealed, there was much discontent.

To some, it seemed like T'Challa was undergoing more pointless reinvention; though David Liss's Man Without Fear'd so far depicted both the Panther's competences and the grit of Hell's Kitchen entertainingly enough, fans feared this'd be the dropping of the ball.

Well, the patriotic Panther debuted in last week's #521 as a consequence of Fear Itself, and I'm happy that those fears were groundless.

(Oh, before I go any further- there's folks in these scans who aren't subtle about their feelings for non-whites and/or non-Americans. It's none of the particularly unsubtle stuff, but even still.)

But speaking of groundless fears, the Panther's got another new foe who knows exactly how to play on those. Who is he? )

Deadpool in Marvel Adventures!

Greetings True Believers!

To my knowledge Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes #4 is the only time Wade has appeared in the MAverse.

He chews the scenery and leads the Avengers on a merry chase through New York City.


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O Captain! Our Captain! - Wild is the Wind

Considering that this will be the week when the Captain America's film will be released, I suggest everybody posts some cool moments with our beloved Captain America (Feel free to use any versions of the Sentinel of Liberty) as a way to celebrate. May all of us have some fun!!!

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Cap Movie Post!

Greetings True Believers!

I'm hopping on one foot to see the new Captain America movie. (Already got my tix for the Thursday midnight show!)

We need more posts about it!

So here are two things. First off, an adorable clip of kids reacting to the trailer. My reactions to their reactions range from "Awwww" to "You only say that because you don't understand Captain America like I do!"

Plus, a clip from the movie I don't think has been posted here yet.


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