Jul. 29th, 2011

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This takes place in Thunderbolts#159 giant sized issue 10 pgs.

Crossbones, Mountain Man Mario, and three black men escape from prison together, during Juggernaults assault on the prison in Fear Itself. We get to see how the oddest groups can come together and help each other survive, written by Frank Tierri.

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I wonder what kind of pie his Grandma makes.
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I got nothing interesting to say for an opening so let's jump right into Kamen Rider Spirits Chapter 3.

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11 pages from a 34 page chapter.

Next week: Kamen Rider V3 goes Egypt, hunts treasure and fights cyborg mummies.
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Bleeding Cool

The Source

Also I posted the SCENE that I wrote the other day concerning Batgirl #48 I would really love it if you guys could spread this out :D i think its hilarious and would really love it if some one on tumblr was inspired to draw this ;D

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for Legality....

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DC's Retro-Active project continues, bringing us new stories from DC's writers and artists of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, a.k.a. before the company was ruined by Dan DiDio and the cronies puckering up to his ass.

This week, the Retro-Active issue for Superman in the 70s came out, from the creative team of Marty Pasko, Eduardo Barreto, and Christian Duce.

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Also, on a somewhat related note, a while back, Mr. Pasko wrote online about what he and the other Superman writers' approach to the Lois/Superman relationship was back in the 70s. It's an interesting and somewhat surprising read:

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 Saw this awesome parody, my opinion of course, of the Super Friends answering the question in the title and decided to share it here if anyone is interested. Can be found here, just giving warning that the video contains gruesome violence, superhero-dickery and inappropriate behaviour towards Robin. For legality, below is a scan of the JLA, the league of gods to be exact, being the awesome team they really were.
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