Aug. 17th, 2011

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When I first saw that Indigo or Brainiac 8 were going to appear in this final arc I was interested to see what role she'd play...

Two panels from Teen Titans #99 which is sadly the only story we get for Indigo thus far...

Rose versus Indigo (sorta) )

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Has it been 30 years since He-Man and the Masters of the Universe? My GOD do I feel old!

ToyNews! has the article. Yeah, it's a week old.

Anywho... it gave me a chance to post a pic.

Because Context is For the Weak.

Not exactly Calvin and Hobbes. Nossiree.  )
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Daredevil might be trying his damned hardest to forget his recent past, but that doesn't mean other crimefighters are willing to do the same.

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Newsarama has just put up a preview of a few DC Retroactive issues. The Flash one caught my eye since it features a flashback to my favorite Flash villain and story arc.

A Chain Lightning Tie In?!? )
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Greetings True Believers!

Here are a few scans from Journey into Mystery #626.

Loki is still gathering allies and weapons to fight the Serpent.

The God of Fear should be worried about this little devil and not Thor!


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Greetings True Believers!

Here are a few scans from Marvel Universe vs. Wolverine #3. Logan continues his battle against the superheroes-turned-cannibal-freaks.

And as usual, Deadpool says it all.


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 Wow, I did not mean to have three posts in one day. Sorry about that. Anywhere, here is the variant cover for the new Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, showcasing Miles Morales in the new black-and-reds.

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Retro-Active Wonder Woman The 1990s
just a scan from the issue that made me laugh...

Let's talk about shoes! )
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So these are the last two issues of Titans, by Eric Wallace and Travis Moore. After the Flashpoint reboot, Ryan Choi will be alive again and Lian will apparently have never been born, so I don't know how much of this will be sticking.

The end. )


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