Aug. 26th, 2011

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This week's RETRO-ACTIVE: JUSTICE LEAGUE is the 90s issue. Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis, and Kevin Maguire all reunite for one last tale of Justice League International. And it really will be their very last one; Giffen and DeMatteis have mentioned in interview that even if they're offered a chance to do another in the future, they'll turn it down. They feel that they've said all they want to say with these characters.

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On a completely unrelated note, I'm vacationing in China these days, where apparently you can't access imageshack pictures or their website. Can anyone recommend some way to get around this that an idiot layman like myself would be able to implement?
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Hey guys, So as promised I posted week 1 of my English 344: The Graphic Novel on my tumblr.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Comment and/or reblog, I would really like to get a dialogue going about this class. Any of your insights, opinions or random thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

PS I NEED HELP.... I'm trying to figure out how to enable comments on my tumblr... but can't seem to figure it out.... there doesn't seem to be any placed they can click in order to post comments, just likes and rebloggs :(

I GOT THE DISQUS THING FIXED, you should all be able to comment now ;D

and for Legality....

Pretty Wondy Art! :D

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Cosmic Book News has all the images from the Marvel Fear Itself Panel taking place at the 2011 Canada Fan Expo.

This includes a first look at "Fear Itself #6," some Hulk images and more.

Spoilers for what happens to Thor below.

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I love peter j . tomasi's work on batman and green lantern family titles, i had to jump on this. here is a excerpt from Emerald Warriors 13.

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By bat rocket he does not mean rocket ship, he is talking about his manhood.
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Hello! Long-time lurker, first time poster here. Recent discussions of the DC reboot and the event some think is at the root of it (the long-term decline of sales since the implosion of the 90's comics-as-investment market) got me nostalgic for when I was most a purchaser of comics: the period of about 1982-1992 when publishers like Comico and Eclipse and First popped up and pushed Marvel and DC out of their comfort zone. As it happens I've been meaning to clean out the walk-in closet where I know I've got something like twenty boxes of comics and I've got a brand-new scanner here, so I thought I'd share some of the little gems I come across.

So far I've only found one box (I have a lot of crap in the closet), but it contained some fun items. I thought I'd start with a story from Marvel Fanfare #13, publication date March 1984. Now I know exactly why I bought this comic -- it would have been around 1986 and I was a big fan of both George Perez and Art Adams. The lead story was by the former, part of a continuing Black Widow story, while the cover was the latter (and, as far as I can tell from Wikipedia, was his first professionally published work). Still am a fan of both, actually, but at that time the local comic shop had Charles Vess in to sign things and this issue was among the books they had out for sale if one were interested in an autograph -- he had drawn the backup story. I figured what the heck and ponied up, since I'd at least have the Adams and Perez work. I didn't know who Vess was at the time, and I'm still kind of lukewarm about the Warriors Three, but I do know they get a lot of love around this community. And in the years since 1986 I've come to love Charles Vess with the passion of a thousand burning suns. He's one of the folks who turned me on to Art Nouveau illustration, examples of which now decorate my place of residence in all their glory.

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