Aug. 27th, 2011

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And now for the other Doctor Who comic that came out this week. Here's four pages from IDW's Doctor Who Annual 2011.

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Last fall, Daredevil was the latter and so T'Challa became the former; this fall, Matt's the first again and so the Panther's assuming the second legend.

This second transition's marked like the first, by an event and with a tonal shift. It's a lighter one this time, with Daredevil having gone from Maleev to Martin and T'Challa's Most Dangerous Man Alive Francavilla covers looking.. well, like Hell's Kitchen in the evening rather than Zircher and Bianchi's Hell's Kitchen at night in Man Without Fear (that is to say, softer colors).

The stories're likewise flipping the switch: we've already begun to see Daredevil taking up a discarded mindset for his superheroic penance, and now it's the Panther's turn. The change's marked by the events of Fear Itself, and T'Challa's own agent of is a much more personal one- a new Hate-Monger, possessed by and possessing the original's hate powers.

The one more touted, the controversial American Panther promised to have a 'huge impact'.. he's a subordinate, according to last month's #521. )
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Cosmic Book News has a slew of images from Marvel for their Incredible Hulk/Ultimates Panel taking place at the 2011 Fan Expo Canada.

Pages from the new Inc Hulk, Parker and Zircher's Hulk, Ultimate Comics Spidey, X-Men, Hawkeye and more.

Here are a few after the cut:

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So, the reboot is looking pretty bad for the Arrow kids. There's no indication we'll have Mia anytime soon, Connor apparently "ages Ollie up" too much- nevermind that Bruce totally had time for four Robins and a ten-year-old kid and that Connor was born well before Ollie became Green Arrow- and, of course, Lian, who should also have been born before her father's current identity change, also apparently ages Roy up too much. Suffice to say, current plans don't hold much hope for these three.

Of course, plans can be changed.

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Due to the monthly nature of comics, and possibly also due to the fact that the schedule for new episodes is a thing in flux, the Young Justice tie-in comic is really taking its time in catching up with the show. In the latest issue, #7, we finally reach the point where Artemis joins the cast, as we see the events that led up to her secretly helping the team against Amazo.

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For[personal profile] greenmask, some more from the UK Zoids comic... well, not the comic per se. The ongoing nature of the stories and the short length make that a bear to trim. This one is courtesy of the Zoids annual from 1986.... Which makes this it's silver anniversary and I feel TERRIBLY old.

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