Sep. 4th, 2011

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Taken from Marvel Premiere #51 all the way from 1979. BP deals with angry union workers, an old foe, talks to the president, and is told a story by a past lover of his own forgotten adventures where he is tortured by white supremacists. Written by Ed Hannigan, but the original Jungle Action Parts were by Don McGregor. Thi one is a dousy.

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Seriously though marvel a Black Panther masterworks series, panthers rage is an ama
zing story that needs to be reintroduced.
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This is a long one, folks!

Okay, so a couple days ago I made an uncharitable comparison between Geoff John's New 52 Justice League of America vs Grant Morrison's JLA, using a secret files story to illustrate my point.

Few people agreed with that point, but hey, Star Seed was still a cool story. During the discussion of Morrison's JLA, a certain scene from very early in his JLA run came up, and [personal profile] drmcninja asked for scans.

No problem. I think it's been posted before, but I couldn't find it. Oh well. Here's the context.
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And so there you have it. Morrison's "widescreen" Justice League. The dream team. The big 7. The most powerful men and woman, and the most dangerous man. Hope you enjoy, [personal profile] drmcninja!

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque; this was a lot longer than I was expecting! . . . could someone give me a hand with the tags?
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This month, I have been mostly reading The Luna Brother's Ultra. It's a title that picked up a sample for through Comixology's Android app (there's SO MUCH good free stuff out there). The book has recently been released as a hardcover, and has a live action trailer to advertise it. (the trailer isn't that great, actually).

The story is about a professional superheroine, Ultra aka Pearl Penalosa. She's nominally Hispanic, or at least from an Hispanic family. The story is more about her life after hours than any sort of crime-fighting escapades. The book has been described as like a superhero Sex and the City, with Pearl's love life being one of the main threads that carries through the 8 issues of the book, along with her relationships with her fellow heroines.

It's not a book without problems. There's a lot of bitches, skanks and sluts being bandied around. Sometimes they're coming from asshole characters to insult our heroines. Sometimes they're being used by our heroines as terms of affection for each other. Sometimes they're just used as synonyms for woman. That's one massive thing that I had a problem with.

The sexual politics of Ultra are clearly going to be one of its main topics and I'll write about that in a few days. Just now, I only want to contribute the covers for the single issues, all of which are modelled after established magazines.

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Batman Adventures Annual #1 features five short stories by Paul Dini, about various Batman villains trying to go straight and how and why they fail (mostly)

One of the beauties of Batman: The Animated Series, was that it could handle the light and it could handle the dark.

Now the series, in the early years, was limited by what was permitted to be shown in cartoons at the time (Which is why, for example, the Joker never killed anyone in the early episodes). The comics, however were not. They didn't go to the "grim" often, which made the times it did all the more powerful.

Please be warned, this post contains material that may be triggering for rape or sexual assault.

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