Sep. 10th, 2011

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After reading on s_d for some time, and not without nodding agreement on a regular basis, about the objectification of women in terms of super-costume designs... I'd pondered what the reverse would be like....

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So I was reading Gail Simone's Atom run for the first time, and a specific page reminded me of an incident in a recent Flashpoint miniseries.

Look familiar?


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I've mentioned already some of the cool things that I've found through digital comics and the great way that comixology lets you download previews and samples of books for as cheap as free.

There's a lot of good books out there and the samples make it easier to find them. Yes, I've picked up some dross and it's also easier to find them and weed them out, since there's no cost or storage commitment in getting the books.

With the Zuda books, which I'm working through, it costs 99c an issue. That's 61p in sterling (or just more than the cost of a post-training Boost from the vending machine)

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