Sep. 22nd, 2011

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Sometimes Antarctic Press likes to do stuff which is weird. Sometimes those weird things are awesome :) Such is the case with Steampunk Fairytails #1 and the first chapter of Fairyland Apocalypse.

In 1899, Baba Yaga was providing fire support... )
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So I was going to finally start getting Profile posts up for Resurrection Man today (his new series came out last week), but digging through my collection and trying to organize things, I came across a Batman one-shot title I had long seen the cover art for, and always wondered what it read like. Hold on to your hats, dear readers, as we travel back in time and space to 1998 Cardiff, Wales Scotland.

Freeeeeeeeeeedoooooooooom! (has little to do with this tale of revenge) )

Dial-up warning: 22 and 1/3rd pages from 68 pages of Batman: Scottish Connection.
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The trials to determine who will be the new North Wind begin, in Chapter 2 of "Inherit the Wind"...

Four pages from FABLES 109... )
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Greetings, Chew believers!

There's a big Awooga from me this week as Chew v.4 came out in TPB (and with it, the Omnivore edition v.2, collecting #10 to #20.)

I've not read any of Chew 16-20, though I have read 27.

I've already posted the scene where Tony and Amelia Mintz met properly as well as their first date proper.

Tony and Amelia moved in together. But Amelia isn't Tony's first girlfriend...

Before Amelia, there was Mindy )


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