Oct. 16th, 2011

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They're the effective dramatis personae of last week's Black Panther; there's the master of the Hand (longer known as New York's Kingpin of Crime) too, but he only gets a single page's worth of all the issue.

It's a nice one, though; Liss's breakdown and Francavilla's colors really help it set up Wilson Fisk as The Most Dangerous Man Alive's first arc's enemy. Granted, it's not quite that ambitious as scenes go, but it's a nicely done job nonetheless.

Solicited as the war "you knew.. was coming", Fisk and T'Challa's conflict's going to be (re)introducing a few more canon foreigners to the Panther's refreshed, post-Fear Itself outlook on things, with a similar brevity if this month's issue's any indication.

It opens on minor Spidey foe and nanotechnological wheelman Overdrive, who narrates us up to speed on himself and Spider-Island. )
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Greetings True Believers!

It's time for some classic Avengers. Avengers #222 to be precise. It's a selection from when She-Hulk was the new kid on the block. Masters of Evil, '80s fashion, jerky Hawkeye and oh yes, THE '80S.


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Somehow an early copy was leaked and there are MAJOR SPOILERS floating around the internet. The entire ending is already on YouTube. Some plot twists in particular I have no doubt that a lot of people will be talking about in the next couple of days. So tread very, very carefully.

For legality, from Batman #13...

 The Joker tries a new schtick )
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Four pages from "Marvel Zombies vs. the Army of Darkness" #1.  I was going to post some "Walking Dead", but it's too hard to pick just a few pages.

A-guh? )

I do have a request.  Does anybody know where/have the image of Deadpool running around screaming "Zombies!  Zombies, zombies, zombies!"?  My Google-fu is failing.


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