1 from Amazing Spider-man 673

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I would Also LIke to reward you guys who helped me with my paper with this video my professor showed us at the begining of class as we discussed Joss Whedon, Feminism and Astonishing X-Men: Gifted



i may be a little bit in love with this man...
*Note: POsted my blog link which has he video because for some reason i can't get the link to embed here...
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The Tranformers #29

The Autobots pwn humanity.

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Journey Into Mystery #631 preview

ComicBookResources has the preview of MORE fallout from Fear Itself - with Loki taking centerstage.

MAJOR SPOILERS on the link.

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Marvel's Point One preview

ComicBookResources has the preview of Point One, the event that will domino into major changes for the Marvel Universe.

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The Bizarre Adventures of a Farm Boy

In 1972, a French artist called Fred released the first collected album of Philémon, which begun serialisation in the legendary anthology magazine Pilote: home of Astérix, Blueberry and Valérian and Laureline. Although not as famous as those comics, I think Philémon, is a brilliant series, full of visual humor and inventive artwork. I recently discovered Fred's work and I'd like to share it with you.

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