Nov. 23rd, 2011

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Thank you, Satan Claws, for my early X-mas present!

It's not the still beating heart of the childhood bully from my younger years, but this is close enough!

Two highlights from the title!!!! YAAAYYY!!!!!!

Love is in the air.  )
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Wow, they writers didn't want the mystery to build up, did they?

Massive spoilers behind the cut. And I mean MASSIVE!

Revelations.  )
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The threats just keep on coming.

And, oh yeah, we learn a truth about the nature of the Negative Zone.

MASSIVE SPOILERS and some gore behind the cut.

New rules to new life indeed.  )
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Greetings, Mortals!

The newest issue of "Batman : The Dark Knight" has been released and, well, there was a page that left me speechless. Once again Batman is a victim of the seduction of the not-so-innocent. Enjoy...if ya can.

Like Clay in her Hands )


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