Nov. 26th, 2011

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It's been noted in the past that Grant Morrison paid his dues as a writer in some odd places, particularly in UK comics.

Case in point, Action Force Monthly #3

Now which of these two do you think he might be writing?

(Oh, for those unaware of such things, "Action Force" was the name "GI Joe" was given in the UK for most of the 1980's (To the extent that the cartoons were even overdubbed with any reference to "GI Joe" or "Yo Joe!" becoming "Action Force" and "Full Force!" (Which I like better). Instead of a completely American team like GI Joe, it was a truly international team of elite anti-terrorist specialists.)

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I'm going to be on a soap box for a few minutes and say please help oppose the SOPA bill if you live in the states. What we do here is attempt to share our love or mutual hatred for comics, I love this community and don't want to see it go. If this bill gets past we go from a legal gray area into a full "no this site will be taken down because we say so" because some company could come in and shut it down.

So please go to this site learn about it and call in Tuesday and try to stop this very, very, very stupid bill.

and because of legality have some cross dressing Jimmy after the cut.
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