Nov. 30th, 2011

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Here Marvel, here's my wallet. Take what you like and just keep producing the goods like this.

While issue #12 is a mixed affair, and the art is not to my liking, it does have some moments.

The Force is strong with this one.  )
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In the 2nd (or 3rd) run of the Ultimates we have a "brand new" big bad.

All Hope Abandon, Ye Who Enter Here )
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Hey Guys...sooo talking to [personal profile] aeka yesterday and I kinda outed myself when i said my comedy drawing is crap, that I do draw from time to time(god i wish i had more time...)I also write, (And not just humorous little scenes for Robin Inc or "What Happens to Batman whenever some one mentions his Dead Parents" :) I've been working on a story for a while. SO as most of you know i am taking a Graphic Novel Literature class, our previous assignment was a comic book adaptation. We could adapt a scene from a book, a short story, poem, song ect... into an at minimum 8 page "comic". Then Write a pitch for it and a "reaction" to it.

I decided to adapt this story I have been working on (i'm about six chapters in)since really a part of me has always wanted to do this. this is my first attempt at drawing sequential art though. (i mostly do poses and moments) sooo okay yeah no more putting it off.

So i have decided to post the comic i worked on here. (i will also probably post it on my Tumblr and on my as well. )

im eager to hear your feed back.

Warning: contains some nudity and Nick Fury Style implied sex.

Be Gentle :D... Contains partial Nudity, may be slightly NSF )
Damn, just realized some of the text can't be read... Photobucket Must have shrunk it down a bit...

Not sure what the rules are for legality on personal work... so For Legality:

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Well, guess I was wrong again, per my last post.

This universe IS strong enough to survive such a concept.

This was posted before on one of the earlier S_D incarnations, but it's worth a revisit. Because it's vintage crack. And the crack is so good, its that special one that tastes like the fruit punch you grew up on as a kid.

Feel the burning iron wrath of Doom!  )
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I know there are many fellow s_d members who loved Alan Moore's Supreme series from the late '90s. You all know how the story ended in a cliffhanger, the publisher going belly up before Moore's last issue came out, wrapping his run. You've probably heard how Erik Larsen is going to finally draw the final Moore-penned script. It's not Chris Sprouse, but it'll do! Frankly, I'm just hoping that's an excuse for new, quality TPBs.

But until that happens, here's a reminder of the last issue published, when Supreme had a chat with Jack freakin' Kirby!

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A fellow s_d member showed curiosity about a page I posted from François & Luc Schuiten's Carapaces, so I decided to post a few more pages from that album.

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Warning: contains some nudity and sex.


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