Dec. 11th, 2011

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Hoo boy, this is getting good. JMS posted a graph showing the sales on Amazing Spider-Man have fallen since his departure (and the start of the BND status quo) on his Facebook, and needless to say Steve Wacker ain't too happy about it.

Too much to summarize, so you can read all about it here. What I find hilarious is how Wacker points out how they had the most successful issue of the last 15 years, but doesn't mention that it's the one with Barack Obama on the cover right after he was elected. Anyone want to guess why that was a huge success?

For legality...

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It's a Two-Face Two-for-One Two-day!

And I don't recall offhand if there was anything too bad in the preceding comics, but things get a little darker here...

Edit: Whoops, had them in reverse order...

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As always, thanks to Deptford for creating these.
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Awesome! New Supreme is on the way! Even if Erik Larsen's art is nothing compared to Chris Sprouse and Rick Veitch's, it's still written by Alan Moore! After more than a decade, his run is finally being completed! To celebrate, I'm posting one of my favourite moments from the series.

Supreme and Diana enjoy some quality time at her apartment watching Friends:

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Alan Moore and Alan Davis' Captain Britain run from the early '80s is one of my favourite superhero stories. It's a legendary story for the way it was so novel for the time. Not enough have read it, although it's influenced Marvel and the character in many ways. You may have heard of the godlike Mad Jim Jaspers and his reality-warping powers; of how he created an artificial super-being, The Fury, which could evolve and adapt to any superhero's powers; how The Fury killed Captain Britain; how Merlin brought him back to life, improved; how The Fury sweeped the floor with his body several more times; how in the end Jaspers and The Fury had an epic creation-killing-the-creator battle. But in the end, it wasn't Captain Britain who took down The Fury; he almost died again, if it weren't for this:

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4 pages from Supreme #1, from the latest relaunch of Rob Liefeld's Extreme Studios.

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Greetings true believers. Beneath this cut lies a presumptuous question, a heartfelt plea and a delightful scan featuring an arachnid themed hero rescuing a diamond encrusted damsel.
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DC 1,000,000 my favourite crossover ever! For me it's one of the rare - perhaps the only - where all tie-ins were worth reading, because they were plotted by Morrison, excepting for Garth Ennis' Hitman. Sometimes I think of it as DC's most creative months; each issue was just crammed with awesome, funny, twisted concepts, redesigns and revamps. If it hadn't been for this crosoover, I probably wouldn't even be much of a DC fan. It was this love letter to its rich history that showed me just what an amazing universe the DCU is.

One of my favourite tie-ins was Superman: Man of Tomorrow 1,000,000, which tells the origin of Solaris and the history of the Superman dynasty:

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If you ever wonder what inspires creators to take up the more commercial end of the comic writing business (eg toy-hawking lines)... apart from a need to pay rent and put food on the table like the rest of us... well, I suspect it's because every now and again something comes along which makes it ALL worthwhile!

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