Dec. 12th, 2011

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News about 2012's Free Comic Book Day releases

First up, Baltazar and Franco are producing a new title , which debuts in the DC Nation FCBD

And it sounds super... Oh what a card I am! 'Super'?! Hah! )

And this one from Bluewater Productions... a companion (one might even say sidekick) series to their "Misadventures of Adam West"

Okay... this is just WEIRD! :) )

And one final title, which is... most unexpected, from Drawn and Quarterly

I'll bet you can't guess what title it is )

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Hullo! Longtime reader and fan, bringing for your holiday enjoyment, a nice tale of "Times Past". As context, please refer to the "Grand Guignol" arc of James Robinson's Starman. First to share are two panels from the original story, and the re-telling. Please enjoy this as much as I have through the years. If the HTML gets borked, please change up as necessary or notify me.

A Society of their Own )

Hoping I get all the right tags here. If not, please adjust as needed.
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And whilst I was pleased to hear that Franco and Baltazar are producing a new series "Superman Family Adventures", I've also just found out that the reason they have the free time to do so is the end of "Tiny Titans" which will end with issue 50 in March 2012.

Adieu Tiny Titans... )


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