Dec. 14th, 2011

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The webcomic goblins is known for many things. It can be angsty, violent, and overly gorey.

And it can also have great moments like this!

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A few issues ago, Bruce bought a dog for Damian. Cause you know..."boys like dogs" and all that jazz. Well, Damian finally gives the pooch a name.

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Okay, New Avengers #19 is out today and Doreen makes like a horny teenager for Daredevil and he rejects her "squirrel musk" after asking how old she is. But that's not what I want to talk about.

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Does anyone remember the... problem that the second Ray / Ray Terrill faced in the "In a Blaze of Power" mini? Something to do with being made of energy and not having clothes up to the task?

Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti remember )
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Now a sequence that brought me tears of kick-ass joy!

DC One Million #4:

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Due to unforseen complications arising out of Loki's plan to defeat the serpent he ends up saddled with 7 supernatural puppies

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Although I hate Parallax, I've always had a soft spot for Final Night. I think it's one of the best crossovers DC ever had, which pitted Earth's heroes against a Sun-Eater bent on eating our sun. In the end, it was Hal Jordan, fresh from the Zero Hour debacle, who saved the day, by sacrificing himself. Say whatever you want about the idea to darken him, I think his sacrifice is one of the finest in all of comics. In fact, I found most of issue #4 deeply moving.

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