Jan. 6th, 2012

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Some pages from issues 5 and 6 of Elric: The Balance Lost, in which the balance continues to get lost.

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Time for a post showing an earth green lantern at their worst, and today we get to my favorite John Stewart. This is an amazing story from DCs 80s retroactive and so it takes place pre marine retcon of john stewart. Now he is just a rebellious kind hearted and passionate architect...who fights crime. Over the course of this story he finds love, fights a talking shark, saves the world from nuclear disaster, shows another villian why crime is stupid, and Screws up big time. This by far has to be the best john stewart centric story and(its giant sized) I have read in a long time.

It will hurt to tear John down a bit in this story, but meh all green lanterns deserve it now and again.

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I loved the DC retoactives for giving us the awesome giant sized issues, and me this amazing story one of my favorie DC heroes. Although he screwed up a lot he was still the freaking man, and this is by far one of the funniest mainstream books I have read.

On the Lantern screwup scale I rate it a 6.5/10
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It's been a while since we last checked in with the "Life With Archie" title. As long-time readers will remember, this magazine showcases the alternate futures where Archie marries either Betty or Veronica. This resulted...somehow...in Hiram Lodge becoming an archvillain. (We've since learned more about what happened to make him that way, and it's a doozy.) Plus a whole host of other subplots.

But today, we're going to look at the main plotline in Life With Archie #16, the marriage of Kevin Keller. This is likely to be a plotline controversial with social conservatives because--

--it's interracial! I'm pretty sure this is the first interracial marriage in Archie Comics, not counting aliens or monsters.

So, how did the happy couple meet? It turns out that even in the future presented here, the US is still fighting a war in the Middle East. :-(

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Your thoughts and comments?

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In Ultimate Ultimates #7, it looks like the Children of Tomorrow aren't the only threat. Xorn and Zorn are returning, and we might end up with an Ultimate Celestial/Ultimate Eternal war, with the Ultimate Runaways caught up as well.
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