Jan. 22nd, 2012

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The "Modesty Blaise" comic strip ran for almost forty years in British newspapers, but had very little circulation in North America. Even so, it's had a large influence on comics in general; most notably, Chris Claremont has admitted that Storm is in large part inspired by Modesty, which puts her fingerprints all over most of the superheroines in the comic book industry.

After the shout-out to the strip in Secret Avengers #20, I've been rereading some of it, as the strips are currently collected in very sharp-looking volumes from Titan Books. The following strips are from 1991's "The Girl in the Iron Mask," drawn by Romero.

a few dozen comic strips after the cut )
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Harry Knowles, uber-geekin many forms of media and fan of comics, put this up this evening over at AintItCool.com. Harry talks about the JOHN ROMITA AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ARTIST'S EDITION HC being released this week. We are treated to seeing the men who helped turn a common comic book character into the icon that we know today.

Two from the article behind the cut.

The Amazing Spider-man, with John Romita )
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You probably know my posts have no bearing to the plot at all. Heh. But then again, if I DID post about the plot, you'd need twenty issues worth of background to understand it.

Not to say that Fraction isn't a great writer (and he IS! I swear, I just LOVE his writing and the plot, which is sometimes very inaccessible to newcomers) but sometimes the only reason I read it is for moments like these:
Just think of all the lives we can start to save if you just let Ms. Cabe shoot you. )


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