Feb. 7th, 2012

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It had to happen. The Ultimates universe was not enough. Yahoo has the article about Marvel.

Someone call Extreme Makeover. )
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Bitten by a radioactive dust mite, downtrodden Canadian housewife Katie Graeme threw off the shackles of her oppressive husband and donned a mask and cape. Ms. F has issues and she’s gonna take them out on crime!

Ms. F is 'our Ms. Marvel'--if Ms Marvel was unhinged. Meet the first member of the Avengers-parodying Almighties here!: http://samjohnson-comics.blogspot.com/
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As many of us know life is hard when your beautiful, and no one knows that better than Mr. Muscles! Now you can read about the most perfect man on earth and how he came to be!
Buns of Steel! )
Mr. Muscles was not alone in his perfection. Not only did he have his sidekick, Kid Muscles, but there was a Miss Muscles too! Outfits to Not work out in )


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