Feb. 9th, 2012

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The death of Cypher at the gun-toting hands of the loser-villain "the Ani-Mator" in New Mutants V1 #60 is covered here

And now in New Mutants V2

The Team Supreme are back! (Spoilers for the next New Mutants arc) )

And speaking of cute guys (and ladies) from the 1980's in cool armour!

News for Saint Seiya fans )
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The *necessary* evil of Sinestro continues, as the reluctant Green Lantern hunts down the rest of his Sinestro Corps.

Revelations. )
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Wow. Really?

... the revelation about who split the Hulk and Banner into 2 separate beings is revealed. As if it wasn't obvious who would go to for something like this.

The Doctor is in the house. )
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Ok, my personal golden rule about Star Wars is "post stuff about Star Wars only if it's cool".

This is cool, courtesy of ComicsAlliance.com.

The Force is strong with this one.

Bad ass, this is. )
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We (the mod team) bring you an apology. And some nice news! And some bad news. But then we think about the good news again!

Now the moderation at s_d here has been just a little bit slack lately. We've been doing our best - and some of us have been doing overtime, which has been internally appreciated! - but: things have not been smooth as the hair on Wolverine's everywhere. This is seen clearly in the five-month gap between requests posts that I brought you prior to January. Beggin' your pardon!

We've been working from the back foot for a good few months for various 'IRL/other reponsibilities/general problems' reasons and unfortunately, (this is the bad news) we're saying goodbye to [personal profile] sandoz_iscariot and [personal profile] kingrockwell as mod team members.

They've served us long and well, and we pop little party streamer things at their departure. Godspeed!

The good news, though - we've got some new kids on our block.

Put your heads together to welcome your new overlords - [personal profile] aeka and [personal profile] sistermagpie.

Hurrah! More party streamers!

The mod team, as it stands, for your convenience: Myself ([personal profile] greenmask), [personal profile] benicio127, [personal profile] salinea, [personal profile] shobogan, [personal profile] sistermagpie, and [personal profile] aeka. Get in touch if you need us; the mod email's in the community profile. We're here to make the community work.
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It's been almost a year since my favorite Blue Space Story Vampire character showed up so I shall share 3 pages of the lovely Lyssa bringing the total pages posted of the issue in total to 4 so far.

What are you afraid of? )


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