Feb. 10th, 2012

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Two of Sci-Fi's top franchises finally meet for reals in a cross over.

This nerdgasm inducing incident comes courtesy of BleedingCool.com.

I'm withholding tags on this one in order for the shock and surprise to hit.

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I know we generally don't talk about current newspaper comics (that's the job of the Comics Curmudgeon http://www.joshreads.com). But I think the 2/5/12 installment of Doonesbury speaks to a problem many comics creators seem to have.

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Your thoughts and comments?
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 So today UGO posted a preview for next week's Red Hood & The Outlaws #6, which looks to be a completely flashback issue about the first meeting between Jason and Starfire.

Two things I noticed: One is that Lobdell isn't doing the full scripts for this issue, but rather Josh Williamson of the "Supergirl/Damian" S/B issue fame and current writer of Voodoo.

Second will be put under a cut.

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This issue begins the arc that John Byrne said he decided to greatly modify and cut short because the most recent Doctor Who season finale was too similar to his original plan. Since then, on his forum, he's been regularly taking bitter potshots at Who showrunner Steven Moffat and his work. It's hilarious.

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