Feb. 11th, 2012

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Following skjam post about X-Force (version 2000), I thought you should know what a certain spud is doing these days.

Class is in. )
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Back in 2001, Marvel Comics decided to do something a little different with their X-Force title, which up to that point had been very Nineties. So the main cast was apparently killed off in an explosion, and a year passed in-universe.

The X-Force name had been taken over by media mogul Spike Freeman, who built a multimedia franchise around a team of television-friendly mutants who performed high-profile missions on camera and lived like celebrities. The reality TV thing was still relatively fresh back then, and worth lampooning. We were introduced to this new, not precisely heroic X-Force...and then most of the characters were killed off in the first issue of the new direction, to be replaced by new people entirely.

7 1/3 pages of 21 from X-Force #120, "X-Force: Snikt!", which picks up after a fairly disastrous first mission for the new lineup. Possible trigger warning for implied attempted sexual assault.

The protagonists come pre-broken. )

Your thoughts and comments?
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I've been meaning to post this for a while since IIRC [personal profile] greenmask asked about it

This is from the Papercutz graphic novels (and is about 27 pages of 88), written by Scott Lobdell and drawn by Daniel Rendon and Paolo Hernandes, where the Hardy Boys have rarely looked more manga-ish and are not so much heading towards bishonen, as running full tilt towards it. If you like that sort of thing, enjoy, if not, you may prefer to avoid this post.

I post this, not just because it features the Hardy Boys fighting crime in their jim-jam's (though that doesn't hurt) and being forced to their knees at gunpoint (not quite a turn on, but hardly a turn-off either)

but because it introduces a concept it's really rather surprising it took them this long to get around to.

So join me, won't you, as Frank and Joe Hardy meet;

The Opposite Numbers )
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Because I am insufferably cool, I bought myself a hip t-shirt - Threadless'Every night I have the same dream )
The shirt also happily reminds me of Ms. Marvel vs. the Targoths )Still, this story is one that I will explore more of in the future. Like... the first week of March?

** Don't ask me why it's Issue 3 vol.1 and not Vol.1 issue 3
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These past months, it's been a long and tiresome wait. Until finally, on the final stretch, things start looking as they did when I would post the comic proudly. But the comic's about to be canceled, so no dice, not really.

Two scans from Daken 21, one scan from Deadpool 50 )


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