Feb. 29th, 2012

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Spiderman in space!!!

But really, you didn't buy the book as it sets up End of the World now did you?


You paid good money in this hard economy to see this.

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Those of you who have left high school by now remember not so long ago THE voices of DCAU, with the stalwarts like Tim Daly, Nathan Fillon and others being the ideal voices for Superman and the Green Lantern and others. Anyhow, life goes on for those talented voices and...

oh, skip my rambling. Click behind the cut and let your fan geek come out to play!

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Invincible #89 is, of course, the issue with a cover featuring a black guy in Invincible's costume. It's probably not at all remarkable who it is, but how he gets it is, to my mind, kind of cool.

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"My "Oh S**t" face, let me show you it."

Remember way back when, when Varsuvius cast his/her "Familicide" spell, killing off about a third of all black dragons in the world?

Remember how everyone was speculating when and how hard this would bite V in the ass later?


ETA: Images should be showing up now.


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