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Blue Water covers the 60s Batman show cast...

Went on to  CBR last night and just stumble onto 3 different comics about the cast from classic Batman show and... and.... just look...

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NEW Legend of Korra clip

io9 has the latest clip from the upcoming Legend of Korra series.

Deal with it.

Edit: I also added some music clips from the Korra soundtrack..... just to get you to click.


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The Beginning of Mary Marvel's Years of Misery

Or, How Mary Marvel Ended Up In a Hospital At the Beginning of Countdown!
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From Brave New World 1
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Superman/Shazam!: First Thunder

Here's some parts from the Judd Winick/Joshua Middleton four issue miniseries, First Thunder.

Four issues of thirty pages, 6 from issue 1, 7 from 2 and 3, and 10 from issue 4.
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