Mar. 29th, 2012

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Once again, for those who missed it the first time, this is how Rob Liefeld described this series:

"Fans who have fallen away from the moronic depiction of Deadpool that has been presented of late will find Bloodstrike more their liking. This is modern, rogue, mercenary action-adventure." -- Rob Liefeld

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I ran across this story in a grab bag from the comic shop. I just found this part of the Dazzler/She-Hulk team up amusing.
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FF #16

Mar. 29th, 2012 07:09 pm
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Calvin and Hobbes.
Burt and Ernie.
Butch and Sundance.
Han and Cheweii.
Woody and Buzz.

Time to add one more pair of two the "great companions" list, as the Fantastic Four and FF clean up the big mess put together after these past few years of Hickman's amazing run (so far).


edit: I thought I had uploaded the correct pics. Fixed.

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An article, and some pretty new art from "The Fury of Firestorm, the Nuclear Men" is up at Newsarama, as the new writing team of Tony Harris and Ethan Van Sciver take over creative duties from the departing Gail Simone. It's well worth a read.

One of the more interesting ideas from this series is that the Firestorm Protocols are a genuinely international setup, much like the nuclear arms race, with countries developing their own Firestorm derived agents (Not sure if "heroes" is always going to be the appropriate term).

Russia )

Britain )

France )

and India )

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