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Robo Vs Insects

I present to you more of the Awesome Adventures of Carl Sagan guest-starring Atomic Robo!

2~ pages of Atomic Robo kicking butt within! )
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X-Club #5

Continuing the "Did the Earth move for you." motif, the Science team of the X-Men resolve this conflict.... with a few different versions of Duex Ex Machina saving the day.

But again, you're not here for that. you are here for THIS!

Make mine MARVEL!

Edit: (Honestly, I swear this is written just for S_D in mind.)

I get lonely without it. )
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Wolverine and the X-men #8

Marvel continues to serve up a fresh hot serving of AWESOME sauce.

The Jean Grey School for Gifted Students continues to shine, as this title focuses more on the kids attending the school than Logan (as it should be).

An excursion for staff and students occurs.
Rage in space. )

Did the earth move for you, too?

What could brighten up a rainy Wednesday?

I know! Lovely, lovely X-Men!

Like for example, one page of Namor being awesome from UXM 534.1:

Only Namor has the power... )

Or how about that time Magneto got his groove back through the Power of Sexy? [Two from UXM 507:]

Magnetic once more )

Naked Justice

So. Yes. Naked Justice. It's a super hero comic / gay porn. It is, well, interesting stuff. 5 pages out of 35 to stay legal. 

NSFW. Seriously. Also freaky huge junk. )
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College is a hair-raising experience

Hillman Publications was one of the smaller publishers of its day, dabbling in comics among other ventures. It's best known now for its aviation comics, and especially Airboy.

But this post features a truly obscure publication, "Joe College Comics". It's teenage romantic comedy hijinks in the tradition of Archie, but with slightly older protagonists.

Fair warning and trigger warning: The cover story heavily relies on ethnic stereotypes of Native Americans outdated even in the 1950s, and some subversions of same for comedy. Because of that, I am placing the cover under the cut as well. This story is a product of its time and uses slang and loaded words that are not acceptable by today's standards. It's also kind of sexist.

Joe College Comics, Winter 1950, is in the public domain, so the following story may be brought to you in its entirety.

These fellows aren't looking to scalp tickets )

Next time I'll be posting something a little more in line with what you've come to expect from me.

Your thoughts and comments?