May. 17th, 2012

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Read Blackhawk: The Man in the Iron Mask (part 1)

Or by in after a short summery below, if you're uncool that way.

Six months (and six issues) have passed since the battle that took Andre. The Blackhawks have returned to the area in memorial...but danger awaits them!

Military Comics #9 (also posted here)

Andre T_T )
Hey, fan fiction writers, want to make some dreams come true? I'll give you e-cookies and free press. 
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There was a request for more Black Orchid, and I'm happy to oblige. Here's her first appearance, from Adventure Comics #428, 1973.
(5 pages from a 16-page story)
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Ever have one of those days where you just need a good cry? Want to read something that just cuts deep, but leaves you feeling refreshed for having felt something so strongly afterwards?

Yeah... I gotcha covered.

My top three. )

Share yours too. *sniff, sigh*

(Additional tags?: creator: ande parks, trigger warning: stds ??)


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