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Great Moments in The Avengers Vol. 1 (The 90's)

The Avengers vol 1 got pretty dire in the 90's - six months were spent on a plot about Russian Ninja Pirates vs. The Avengers vs. Russian superheroes vs. Alpha Flight vs some random Atlanteans which was mostly punching people, for example - but it did have some bright spots.

I was chugging through the whole massive bulk of the thing because I wanted to add all the 1990's issues of Avengers vol. 1 to my issue by issue guide to the Avengers, which I've been working on over the years to help fellow ficcers figure out if an issue is worth reading or not, when I came upon these little gems.

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Blackhawk: The Man in the Iron Mask (part 3-The End)

Read Blackhawk: The Man in the Iron Mask (part 1)

Blackhawk: The Man in the Iron Mask (part 2)

Or spoil yourself below, if you hate glorious sagas of adventure.

Six months has passed since the battle that took Andre. The Blackhawks have retuned to the area in memorial only to meet with deadly foes. They are saved by man whose head has been encased in an iron mask. They find this savior is their fallen friend, Andre. Andre has been horrifyingly disfigured by the circumstances of his supposed death, and has doomed himself to always wear the mask.
In attempt to save their teammate, the Blackhawks rescue a plastic surgeon from the axis powers only to find him to have gone mad while a prisoner.

EDIT: Fixed

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One of my favourite Batman stories - Batman #321 "Dreadful Birthday Dear Joker"

Another "Accentuate the Positive" post, one which I have posted bits of before, and had posted on s_d 1.0, but which I've checked and I haven't posted on here, which surprises me, but any excuse, as we venture into a story where we discover that it must have been one HELL of a party last night for Robin..

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Sad Sack and fan stuff

I went to this weekend's local comic book sales convention, Springcon (held in the State Fair grandstand) and had a good time. I picked up several books and items with the purpose of creating a raffle basket for my company's United Way drive, plus some stuff for myself. (Sadly the Three Caballeros poster signed for me by Don Rosa is too big to scan.)

In the cheap bins, though, I found something that many of our younger members may be unfamiliar with.

Sad Sack, short for the military term "sad sack of shit", was created by George Baker as a pantomime comic strip during World War Two. It was quite popular, and eventually Mr. Baker licensed the property to Harvey Comics, which ran comic books based on it for decades. It did very well for Harvey, as evidenced by the franchise supporting a half-dozen titles a month.

Sadly, by 1976, when this issue of "Sad Sack and the Sarge" #117 was printed, George Baker had passed away, so only that little bit in the upper left corner of the cover is his artwork.

A couple of inside glimpses, and some unrelated pieces picked up at the convention, behind the cut.

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