Jun. 7th, 2012

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Part two of my series of posts on Judge Dredd and his clones. (Part one is here.) These scans are all from the Brothers of the Blood TPB collection, a series of stories that follow the formation of Dredd's unlikely little family unit.

About 18 pages of scans beneath the cut.

Brothers of the Blood )

In part three: another clone, ups and downs in Dredd's relationship with his niece, and some gloriously awkward family Christmases.
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"Who profits?" - If you ever want to find out who is the archvillain pulling the strings in the background and pitting sides against each other, always ask that question. With that said.

Why is the Phoenix coming to Earth again, this time?
Why has Hope become so rebellious lately?
Who gave Hope a plan of action?


Cui bono  )
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Wow, surprised no one has posted this yet, as the latest Journey Into Mystery refers to it.

Ah well, the conclusion and aftermath of the fun "Exiled" story arc.

Break the curse.  )
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Here are four pages from this month's DIAL H 2. Words by China Mieville, art by Mateus Santolouco...

Read more... )


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