Jul. 3rd, 2012

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Bleeding Cool has the scoop as Marvel begins to ...

I can't even bring myself to write it.

They are going to follow DC's foot steps. (Sort of....)

Relaunch. )
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One of the kidnappers had drawn his blaster and was lining it up on a badly dressed and clearly insane figure that had appeared from nowhere and was running straight at him. -Mara Jade, observing Luke, whose idea of a disguise was gray trousers, a blue tunic, a yellow sash, and a poncho with a hood.

Luke Skywalker shouldn't be allowed to dress himself. I've shown a little of that before but, well... here's more, gleaned from a number of comics.

No, none of this is seen as bad in-story. )
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Chris Roberson, who, as you might recall, recently quit DC over its treatment of creators' rights, has launched a new line of creator-owned comics, MonkeyBrain Comics. It debuted yesterday.

One of the launch titles is Edison Rex, by Roberson and artist Dennis Culver. The premise: The world's greatest mad scientist has finally defeated his heroic arch-enemy. So what will he do next?

Four pages from issue 1 )
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I thought that since no one seems to have talked much about this book, I'd post a little of it.
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The results are in, and these themes scored the highest:

Beyond the Big Two week 16
Crowning moment of awesome week 15
One Perfect Moment week 13
LGBTTTQQAISX (queer) Awareness week 12
Heroic Last Stand week 12
Dropped Threads week 12
Scenes of women kicking ass in appropriate costumes week 11
Scenes without words week 10
Your favorite character being written badly week 9
Characters missing a punch, mistiming a jump, or otherwise falling week 9

So it looks like next week is gonna be Beyond the Big Two Week - hurray! I shall reiterate: This does not mean punishments if you post Big Two stuff this week. But enough of us have been seeing only the downsides of Marvel and DC recently that it will be interesting to try what it's like to spend a week posting anything else you can think of before you post Marvel comics, or anything from DC (Vertigo is fine).

Got non-American comics? Got comics from smaller publishers? Got issues in your library that you've thought about posting.. but figured people would respond better to that Batman panel so you never got around to it? Been sad about a low comment count on your non-superheroic post?


Well, next week. Get ready!

If there's nothing you ca think of there, scope the rest of the high scorers and make a little plan.

P.S. We're thinking about reviving @scans_daily. Add us, tell us what you think we should tweet, etc.


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