Jul. 7th, 2012

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Previously, in ACTION COMICS...

That was all the way back in issue 6, when the time-traveling Legion of Superheroes paid a visit. Whatever were they talking about? In the latest two issues of ACTION, we've begun getting answers...

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A domino mask, a red tunic, a black cape with yellow lining... and yet not who you might presume I would be posting about.

And here are two other words which should grab your attention

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Although we must note how sad it is that KAINE is FUNNIER than Peter Parker right now.

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The origin of The Comet /// More Information

The Comet ran trough Pep Comics #17, but Jack Cole was only the writer as far as #5. Before Cole left he had John meet reporter Thelma Gordon, who remained his girlfriend till the end of his series. Shortly before he meets Thelma, he is hypnotized into stealing and killing a police officer becoming a fugitive. Thelma believes he is innocence and falls in love with him.

Rather than show how they met I though I would post the more interesting "Pencils of Doom." (I wish the was called the "The Murder Car" instead, but no had to be "Pencils of Doom.")
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